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Hi rh111

Some of the table saws have 2 screws under the top that will set the blade, he may have jam a board and it took it out of wack. :)

1st unplug the saw, then turn it on it's side and then with a light check out the bottom side of the saw, if you have the user manual it will show the spot for the adjustment screws.
Once you find them turn the saw back on it's legs and remove the saw blade ( I use a metal chop saw blade to set them up,because they are flat) ) and get a sq. and use the opening in the table to set the blade back to sq./true once you have it set move the fence in to the sq. ( the long blade on the sq.) turn the blade by hand and check it, then check it one more time then check it one more time, once your sure it's right move the fence back and put the blade plate back in place and try a test cut.

Good LUck

Bj :)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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