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Turning a-axis into mini lathe

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Newbie here

I have a 3040 cnc router with the a-axis equipment. I would like to drive the stepper motor for the a!-axis to continuous rotation so I can turn small parts out of wood.

Has anyone done this? What do I need to drive the stepper motor continuously?


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I think the very nature of the motor is in its name - stepper motor. Maybe it can be run continuously or give that appearance but they're designed to run in steps. But I definitely could be wrong about this.
If you want to use lathe tools then you could unhook the stepper and replace it with a regular AC motor and variable speed controller. Otherwise you can make small parts using the CNC software and let the stepper handle the job. If you want to run a router bit down the side while the stepper rotates the wood so it acts like a lathe then you'll have to create a 2D job with profile vectors that step into the wood side while you hold down the A axis jog key or replace the stepper as stated above.
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Welcome to the forum @Doc jim
Welcome to the forum, Jim.
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