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Tutorial on "showcase joint"?

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I've long been impressed with a showcase joint which brings three pieces of wood together from three directions in an interlocking strong joint.

Honestly I think I NEED to build one just to show it to my friends! Does anyone know of instructions on how to approach this?

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I see no one has answered your question and I'm not going to either as I don't know what this joint is...... could you post a picture or sketch of what this is or maybe another name it might be called because I'm drawing a blank here.

Anyone else feel free to post some answers.

I hesitate to post a picture as I'd have to thieve it out of a competitor's brochur <grin>

Image the corner of a glass display case. We have three pieces of lumber about 2X2 in coming together in the corner, one each on the X, Y and Z axes. When fitted together we see the sticks joining with 45 degree miters in each direction... essentially each stick point touches the outer corner of the case. Inside there are mixtures of dovetails and a little mortise/tennon that hold the thing together.

I posted this for curiosity. As I say, I'd like to make a joint just to show off to friends... at least until I need to build a display case.

Thanks. ..Doug
Give it a try and then let us know how you went
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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