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Back when....maybe late '70's early 80's, you could buy a 220v only, 4 HP motorized Craftman 12" table saw on sale for $499... so it only it only seemed reasonable to go back when it went on sale again and buy another one.:) An extra table from the Parts dept at about $130 and my original '60's saw table minus the trunnions and motor of course, and a side extension completes the 7' 3" wing span. A Delta Unifence on the left side for most table saw operations especiall sheet goods with a
54" crosscut capacity. The other saw, on the right right side is set up for dados and rabbets with a "sacrificial" fence as Norm would call it.
The overarm dust collector is made from 2" PVC and gets it suction power from a 6.5HP Rigid shop vac down under. Also underneath the enclosed steel bottom plates with 6" openings, reduced down to 4" for the Jet dust sucker. Most dust is eliminated. The 8 legs are 2" x 1/4" legs bolted to the saw cabinet's corners...very rigid....Rigid? Several miter gages include Incra, Craftsman and Osborne and the original Craftsman tenoning jig!
Barely visible on the right hand Unifence is the radio remote vacuum control...$9 at the local TSC bargain bin. I know I'm a bit extreme.., but cheap, I don't know? Extravagant is probably more like it! I know I'm gonna get a boxful of bullflak for posting this,;) but I have an alarm system so don't even think about sneakin around in the dark hoping I'll leave the shop unlocked... yes.. I would miss it! BTW it's on the second floor with all the rest of the wood shop equipment.:eek: I carried it up the stairs in pieces!:cool: Bill


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