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Twisted Cherry boards

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A friend was taking down some trees in her yard and wondered if I wanted the Cherry tree. Of course I said
yes. It was 40' to the first big branch. Unfortunately the bottom 32' was rotten. I ended up with a 8' log.
The tree was taken down early fall, I had it sawed up in 5/4 boards and stacked them in my old shop in the
house. I used 4/4 for the bottom sticker with a dato for the 5 ratchet straps and I kept them tight. I ran
a fan during the day, they are now 7% and twisted. I stacked them the way they were sawed, so it seems
like the whole pile on one corner must have lifted off the floor. I wonder if I had turned every other piece
if this would have helped and maybe some weight on top. I used mineral and bees wax on the ends
and the only splitting I got was 2 heart wood boards.
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tons of weight on top of the stack would have been the deciding factor...
24/7 air flow...
consistent temperature also...

wet them..
sticker every layer......
add the weight...
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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