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Hi.. Hoping to learn as much as I can as fast as I can. Retired Police Officer currently working as Director of Security for a school district. However I will retire from this job in June. Have only been working with wood for about a year. Love it...Been using my router table to make signs for local functions. Need to make a router table looking for direction.
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Hi twitt

W e l c o m e . . A b o a r d !!

Have tou watched The Router Workshop on TV or on ??

All kinds of Router tables are talked about... they can be a simple or complex as you want them to be...

... kinda depends on how much you use it... does your shop have the room to have a fixed dedicated space for a router table or would a smaller table that is clamped to a workbench, etc. good for your needs?

Take a look at for a lot of good ideas...

Ask all of the questions you want... don't be shy...
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Hi Twitt.. If you happen to see a man hanging out of a dumpster, he's OK.. It's only Bobj dumpster diving again.. No need to arrest him..

I made a table out of 3/4" MDF with a rousseau plate for the top, and some shelf board for the bottom.. Nice and easy.. You could get as simple, (plywood screwed to the base of the router clamped in a vise), to as fancy, (full base cabinet), as you like..
Hello twitt. Welcome to the Router Forums. Please feel free to join in on any post or if you have a question, ask. I am sure you will have your favorite posts and I encourage you to check them all periodically, if not daily. In the meantime we are looking forward to seeing you online.
twitt said:
... Need to make a router table looking for direction.
Here is a link to slick knock-down router table...

Hope the link works for you.

It's a nice 5 min. Video.
Welcome Twitt! You have earned retirement... no doubt. Enjoy and hope we can help yah out!

Welcome to the forum twitt, lots of good information and some very knowledgeable people
Hey twitt. Building your own router table is a lot of fun and a great way to gain practice. There are a lot of posts here on tables and fences so just search around and pick up some ideas on what you might like. When you decide, all the help you will need is right here waiting for you to ask. :confused:
Thanks for the suggestions built the table, great addition to my shop. Thanks again Denny
Welcome Twitt... good to have you with us.
twitt said:
Thanks for the suggestions built the table, great addition to my shop. Thanks again Denny
Hey Denny. How about posting some pictures of your new table. We love to see what others are doing. :D
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