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My Granddaughter asked me to make her a rack to put onto the wall to hold her jewelry. She wanted something simple with hooks. A few months before, my neighbor moved and put a dresser by the street. After a few weeks passed and rain storms, I walked over and took off the knobs. My wife hates when I do this, but you never know when they will be used. When my granddaughter asked for the rack, the knobs were the first thing I thought of. I sent her a picture of a mock up and she approved. As always, I used walnut for the board and the knobs really looked great. She was very happy at Christmas.

The second project involved the game of Domino . We spend a lot of time playing with friends so I decided to make the board where the dominoes are placed. As you can see from the picture, the domino is place in a plywood holder. I first made the template to the right which matched the original. I re-sawed and glued up some walnut for the boards. I planed and sanded to a 1/4" thickness. I used double stick tape to attach the template to the walnut and routed with a guide bushing. I encountered a problem, when the bit grabbed the grain, some of the "ears" broke off. I did this twice before I decided to come up with another solution.

I decided to modify the original design, so I drew up a modified design in auto cad. I printed the design, and using spray adhesive glued the paper to the plywood I was using for the template. I used the drill press to drill holes in each corner and the band saw to cut the template. To resolve the ears breaking, I took two pieces for walnut and glue the together with the grain at 90 degrees. I them sanded to the 1/4" finished thickness, attached the template and routed. By doing this, I was able to make 8 of the finished products, three of which are shown in the picture. I am giving these to friends when we play dominoes.



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