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Make it into a lamp and offer it at a very high price to a lodge or sportsman's hotel in the mountains. That is the perfect loction for that beautiful piece of work. I love it.
Thinking more about this, I'd be making more of these lamps and offer them online as the perfect present for an outdoorsman and I'd see about putting them out for sale in furniture stores in resort areas. At $125 each at least, these can be made of any scrap log chunks you can find.

The weight will make this a very stable lamp, so you could cut some with hotel and resort logos on them and sell them as lobby lights for all kinds of hotels and BnBs. They will probably want high lumen LED light bulbs and large shades to soften the light.

Make these with floral designs and in a pretty, light wood and it would work for homes. They can be painted or just simple finish. Make these smaller and offer a veriety of patterns for custom lamps at $199 and they pick the shades up at Lowes, and you have a custom gift. Cut these on flat wood and glue up into a hollow post with wood blocks on each end to mount the hardware. Put fee on by cutting part of the box and you have a more delicate looking lamp. All kinds of variations, the key being the 3D carving on both sides. Carve four sides and join with mitered corners and splines. Make a hidden box lamp so people can hide valuables. A larger hidden box for pistol and ammo. Market that to gun groups online just by posting it and mentioning that it's for sale if they want one (carve a target on one side, game or a pistol on the other).

The light will highlight the depth of the carving and make it seem even more 3 dimensional. This will pretty easily pay for your new, high speed CNC. and because it's a one-off item most of the time, you can keep it a small moneymaker just for you.
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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