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The lid on your project does not have to be made from the bending plywood and could be solid wood. Now for the accrual question of what veneer to use. If I understand you correctly you want to make the inside of the lid to the trashcan look like a basketball goal so that would be a marquetry project in itself and require several different woods to make the veneer piece for the inside of the lid. Selection for the veneers should include compatible thicknesses so there is not extra work after assembling the marquetry panel.

Will this be part of the manufacturing process requiring the additional equipment to make the marquetry or will the marquetry panels be purchased ready made and installed during manufacturing?

If you will be making the panels then select moderately priced veneers (usually cheap bargain veneer will cost you more in the long run from additional waste and extra processing required to make it usable) and as Charles points out try to use locally available veneer when possible. You will need contrasting colors so you may need to buy from outside sources to get the colors needed, again stay away from bargain veneers. You might also need some backer veneer depending on how you decide to make the panel and if you decide to make the panels.
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