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For anyone thinking about making a move to UCCNC, CNC Drive has a great offer right now.
They just released a new ethernet motion controller, and are including a free UCCNC license for the first 250 purchasers.
CNCdrive - motion controls
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I won’t be buying a cnc router table till fall, and am always concerned about buying electronics that may be outdated when I get to the point of assembly, so if this is the latest and greatest out there right now, it should be fine for a future build, or should I wait ?

After seeing your posts a while back regarding UCNC at CNCzone , I had full intentions of going with UCCNC right off the start , and would prefer to stay away from Mach 3-4.
Seeing as it also has the Ethernet built in, it also looks very uncomplicated compared to other setups I’ve seen .

My plan is to buy a 4x4 Pro version from cncrouterparts, but I wanted to purchase and assemble the electronics myself .
I feel I’d save money and learn more by assembling the electronics, which may come in handy when there’s trouble shooting involved .

Update , I see that company is based in Europe . Not sure how that’s going to work
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I bought one for myself to use for testing.

They are in Hungary, and the total cost was about $175 US, delivered. The License is normally $60 US, so that's what the special is saving you. If I were you, I'd wait until you have a machine, and know exactly what you want.

Yes, it's the latest. Not sure if I'd say greatest? I'll be using my UC300ETh with UB1 breakout board on the router I'm building. But it costs more than double what this AXBB is.
Depends on how many inputs and outputs you want/need.
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Thanks for the info . Im with you , it may be best to wait
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