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Wally Woodpecker said:
I have two questions:

What's the source & cost of the UHMW being used as a fence on "The Router Workshop" show?

I'm considering using the Router Table to flatten an oak panel which is too large for my thickness planer.

Any suggestions/tips?



Using the router table might smooth the panel but it would still not be parallel with the other side if it isn't now. There ia a simple jig in the most recent issue of WOOD magazine that might work. Your planer will smooth out one side but it still wouldn't be the same thickness all the way across the board. You will have to flatten it with a hand plane which requires some experience or rip it into boards then joint one side and one edge then run it thru the thickness planer. You will still have to place the side you edged against your saw fence and trim the other edge.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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