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This post is for Cheryville Chuck who spent time conversing back and forth, remembering his saw, which he is missing by distance.

Of course his saw in BC is a Delta with a Uni-Fence. I don't have a Delta, but my fence face is similar to his. Similar enough, that when I saw that Peachtree started selling an accessory fence for the Uni-Fence called the Uni-T-Fence... So I wanted to see if I could make it work for me.

I PM'ed Charles. He couldn't measure his (location). I called Peachtree Customer Service... who surprisingly put me on the phone with their engineer who had all the tech data anyone would even want for it... since they designed it and have it made.

If you look at the first photo, that is the extrusion side view. Mounting slot C is thinner, but the same basic size as mine. It is 1/4" higher than mine, because of the "A" T-slots on the bottom.

I removed 1/4" off the bottom and made some thinner mount t-nuts for my fence.

Picture 2- Mid is my saw's original fence extrusion, that looks similar to the Unifence. Right is the t-slotted and UHPE faced Uni-T-Fence after the mod.

Charles didn't know this fence existed for his saw. I got the 43"to replace my 43". Charles is waiting to see how I like it and how it turned out... So far, I really like it.


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