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My best friend’s neighbor has a micro-distillery in his garage where he makes handcrafted, small-batch whiskey (he spells it whisky like the Scots). Being a man who has been known to have a tipple or two on occasion, (okay, Irish whiskey every evening … unless it’s raining, and then I have two) I knew a sign was required to celebrate such a grand endeavor.

I had an orphaned oak cabinet door I’ve been saving for something just like this. The design was created in V Carve Pro as a combination of elements and fonts from, and other than a 1/4” spiral bit to clear away some of the background, all was carved with a 60º V bit. Finish is a combination of maple stain and burnt umber glaze followed by a few coats of gloss polyurethane.

Using oak for the sign, of course, ties into the oak barrels he uses to mature his blend. Yeah, about that … I haven’t tried his whiskey for a few reasons. First, because I think his oldest stuff was matured in the barrel for a whopping 6 months and I prefer my whiskey to be 5 to 10 years old. Second, he tends to mix barley and rye and maybe corn in the production a single batch. Not my cuppa. I think in a less polite society we would call his brew, moonshine. But hey, he’s having fun and now he’s got a heckuva sign.

By the way, a recent study presented at the American Association for the Advancement of Science revealed that consumption of moderate amounts of alcohol and coffee is linked to living longer and decreased the chances of premature death by 18%. And, "people who were overweight in their 70s lived longer than normal or underweight people did." Plus, another study showed that drinking might help clear toxins from the brain … at least it did in mice.

I fully understand if you abstain. As for me, I think I’ll start adding a bit cheese to my evening tipple … oh, and maybe little ice cream. One can’t be too careful with one’s health. :wink:


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