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Mine works so leaving it alone!!!

Gonna start saving for a new Meteor.

One machine is good -- two is better!!
I might be selling my Meteor John. Lots of tooling and the original waste board still in tack. I also have a spare computer.

- Spindle/Router Mount Bosch1617/PC690/PC8..
- Jog Pendant None
- Z Touch-off Puck None
- ATLaS Automatic Tool Length Sensor Installed
- 8pc Starter Carbide 1/4" Shank Tool Bit Set None
- 4th Axis Rotary None
- Spindle None (I will provide..
- CAM Software None
- Dust Collection Dust Boot
- Threaded Inserts and Table Grid Included
- Aluminum Stand None
- Keyboard/Mouse/Monitor Arm None

I also have a full Version 9 of Vectric VCarve Pro.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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