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I use a 1/4" HSS milling machine cutter in my table when routing stopped grooves for bread board edges.
The spiral is the same as the upcut ones and it clears the swarf immediately as it is throwing it down.
I wouldn't use anything else for this application.
When the cutters I have get blunt I will buy some from an engineering supplier.
The ones I use have 3 flutes which are far beter than 2 or 4 flute cutters.
Engineers have known for a great many years that an uneven number of cutting edges work a lot better than any even numbered tool.
Despite this manufactureres still stick with 2, 4, 6, 8 flute etc.
I learned this from my father who worked on aero engines in WW2.
He ground tested the planes before the test pilots took them up.
This was at GAC where the Whittle jet was made and tested.
The chief test pilot, Gerry Sayer, who flew the 1st jet, was my dads drinking buddy during those dark years.
Gerry Sayer, Peggy to his friends, knew the engines were in top condition after my dad had tested them for him.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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