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I bought a Bosch RA1129 template guide adapter set that included an RA1100 adapter so I could us Porter Cable template guides with my Bosch 1613 plunge router.
The 1st problem is that there are no holes in the sub-base so I can anchor the RA1129.
The 2nd problem is that the 1613 unlike the 1613EVS does not have the template guide changing lever. However, after taking off the sub-base off, I found that all the mechanism for the builtin template changer is actually there in the 1613 except for the lever. So I can manually (with difficulty) insert the RA1100 with a specific Porter Cable guide. Then reinstall the sub-base and can proceed.
Is there a better way to utilize this built in adapter on the 1613? The slot and grove for the lever is there but the lever is not.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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