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Using a fence

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I have a Craftsman Professional Bench, and I have always squared the fence. But after watching Mark on the TV show, I got to wondering..When he is cutting a Dadoo, he has a mark where he wants the cut, he then slaps a fence down and clamps it down on one end, then clamps the other end.. I have looked at it and it seems to not be square with the back of the table. It don't seem right, but it works.
Okay, lets say I use a spial bit to cut thought the whole board, If I set it up to cut a 1 ich wide board, using his method for cutting dadoos, will it be 1 inch wide all the way through? I could go out into my COLD garage and try it, but I thought I would just put it here and stay inside.
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A fence don't have to be sq. with the table. It can be in any angle, As long as your fence is one piece. You can put it any where.
Learning Herb
I feel like a dumb ass.. After I posted the question, the better half told me basically the same thing. Looks like, she knows more about routers then I do, she watchs it twice a day and wonders why I can't do that. Now we know
Trap, don't feel bad. Much better to ask a question and be sure. I put my foot in my mouth at times so I know how you feel. The entire purpose of this site is to learn; I know I pick up new ideas here all the time.
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