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These are just bits and chisels. You also must have either a mortising machine or a bit holder attachment that goes on the drill press and holds the chisel in position while the bit rotates, as seen in the previous post's pictures.

Stick posted the tools you need.

The drill leads the cut and the down pressure enables the chisel to square the hole. You push the mortise side up against a fence to assure alignment of the mortise with the side of the workpiece. This allows you to make consistent mortises in multiple pieces. Don't know if the mortising bits and chisels fit in some sort of standard bit holder. But you can visit a woodworking store with the bits and see if they fit or if they can be fitted.

You can also visit the company site Vulcan Tools | Demolition Tools & Carbide Drills, and seek instructions and accessories information there.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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