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Using The 3 Jumbo Board Setup to trace a large full sized diagram

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using 3 jumbo boards to trace out a sail boat plan

Very interesting demo of using a 3 jumbo board setup to digitize a full sized portion of a sail boat
skiff plan
vintage 1994


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I have a batch of old boat building books, hobby building, etc., dating aback to just after 1900 to the 1940s. Sometimes plans for a boat build would be broken down to 2-3 parts, of 3-8 pages each. "Simpler" plans could run as little as 2 pages, and I think a few are even 1 page. And people built working boats from those plans. I know I could make a boat from them. Nowadays I've seen complete books on making a boat that might be 125 pages, or more, of the same type of boat that people used to only need maybe 5 pages of plans to make. Now people think they need a computer to do it. Sometimes I hate "progress".

Look up Pogo motorized paddle wheel boat plan, for an example, free plan. You want something a little fancier, look up Free Boat Plans.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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