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After you have set up a good table for your router and spent some time learning about the precautions that you have to take to keep safe. You now feel that you are ready to work with the router? Before starting there are some other things that you to look at before you go ahead and start designing your first picture frames or any other items that you want. These things may look small and negligible, but will provide you information about how you can take care of the router, router bits and work without any kind of unsafe conditions.

The Router and Router Bits:

Before you start using your router, you will have to make sure that the bits are in good working order and have a procedure used to ensure they are fixed properly into the router. The choice of bits that you choose will play a key role in the designing of picture frames or any other material that you intend to make your first project. Before starting you must ensure that the router bits are working fine with regards to the pilot bearings and their operational condition. They need to be free of dust or grime and run freely before inserting in the router. You should perform a check before mounting the router bit. This process is holding the router bit and bearing in your fingers and spinning it around. Only fix the bits into the router, if you feel that the bearing is spinning smoothly.

Router Bits that are not in working order:

If you find any hindrances change the bearing as it is likely to warm up when working and possibly explode. To replace a new bearing that is wrapped in plastic and totally clean from any kind of dirt you use the Allen key that fits in the screw on top of the pilot bearing bit. It is also a good practice to test all new router bits to ensure that they have been tighten to the desired levels.

The Clean Router Collet:

You must also take care to clean the collet every now and then, in order to ensure free movement of the bits and keep the heat away from the motor. Router bits work at a tremendous speed and generate quite a bit of heat. The heat is likely to go down through the chuck into the motor at the bottom causing it to work harder and heat faster. Therefore, clean the collet and then insert the bit into it, keeping it out by a 1/16th of an inch. Tighten the bit with the wrench supplied and you will be ready to get started with your first project.

These are the basics, which you will have to follow every time, or on most occasions when you choose to work with a router. The entire procedure mentioned above will take only a few minutes of your time each time you are setting up the router system but will give you an opportunity to work with ease and create some memorable project pieces. These projects made out of wood will be admired by all.
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