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I am working on segmented bowls and want to add a diamond ring. I have decided to route a 90 degree V grove in a strip of wood and place a square shaft in the grove to use for the diamond. I presently using a small bit that came with one of those cheap routes sets from Harbor Freight. It worked reasonable well but I am want to do a better job. I am looking at using this bit:Amana Tool - RC-45711 In-Tech Insert Carbide V Groove 90 Deg x 11/16 Dia x 21/64 x 1/4 Inc
Or this bit:
uxcell 90 Degree V-Groove Router Bit 1-1/2" Dia with 1/2" Shank, Carbide Tipped V Grooving Bit
I am having trouble finding a RC-45711 replacement insert.
Looking for information on what might be the best bit to use.
Thanks Larry
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