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Vacuum manifold fitting

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I am looking for the fitting that was intended for the vacuum manifold for the Oak Park router table. Be it a hose, adapter or whatever, something was meant to fit in the 2 1/4" size provided. It is amazing to me that a size was picked that makes it so difficult to locate something to fit it. :(
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I agree with your frustration. The only thing I have found is to insert the end of my shop vac hose directly into the insert. That is all I have found thus far that works.
I guess we're all on our own; I posted the same question "a while' back and got no response either...

Here's what I wrote:
"I have the vacu-plate as well. I just bought a shop-vac (QSP 13 gal. 4.5hp).......
The vacu-plate is 2 1/4" in dia.' but I just measured the hose, and it's larger than the vacu-plate opening. I have the pamphlet that came with the shop-vac, and all the fittings etc are 2 1/2".

How do I hook it up then? There is a 90 degree elbow, but it doesn't show the dia. I don't want run the hose directly to the vacu-plate (since I would have to add the screw to the hose;to twist it into the plate). Maybe I'll go look at Canadian Tire to see if they have an elbow (2 1/4") I could "permanently" attach to the vacu-plate to and run the hose from the elbow......."
Hey Guys !

I thought the manifold was quite well designed when I first bought the vacu-plate and was perplexed by your posts, as I still haven't installed the vacuum manifold on my table. I dug mine out to check on the problems you're having and hunted through the boxes of " too good to throw out stuff " and I came up with a few solutions.

The manifold will accomodate just about any vacuum hose you want to use, but first you need one more piece.

If using a 1 1/2" vacuum hose or connecting to a 4" vacuum/dust collector line then:

- Purchase a 1 1/2" ABS plumbing fitting, either straight connect, 45 deg elbow or 90 deg elbow. You will find that the OD dimension is 2 1/4". You can either tape the outside of the fitting for a friction fit or install a self tapping screw approx. 3/16" from the edge of the fitting. This will then slide into the manifold where there is a knotch in the manifold, a simple twist to the right of the fitting will lock it to the manifold.

Once you have the ABS fitting attached to the manifold you can attach a 1 1/2" piece of pipe or install a 2.5" X 1.5" Dust Collector adaptor or a 4" X 2.5" Dust Collector adaptor, depending on your vacuum line size, available at your local tool supply.

For those using the "bosses" vacuum or just a household vacuum then:

- Source out a old vacuum brush, preferably with the metal connector, (don't take the bosses) which slips over the vacuum hose nozzle. Cut off a 3" or 4" piece from the end of it and then install a screw about 3/16" from the end. It will now slip into the 1 1/4" hole inside the same manifold and again a simple twist to the right will lock it on. You can now connect the bosses vacuum to the manifold.

NB: The manifold has a small reccess to accomodate the addition of a screw and will provide some flexibility when attaching a hose or needing to dismantle everything to made changes under the table.

As a footnote: I wouldn't glue or permenatly fix your hose or vacuum line to the manifold as change is always inevitable!!!

Hope this helps!!

:cool: :cool: Ric :cool: :cool:
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