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I just got done building my 4x4 cnc, plenun and tubing done. Right now I have a lamb motor pulling around ~5”hg at ~90cfm. As it is now I have tubing to route another motor in parallel.
I had an idea to make a switcher of sorts to make it possible for the motors to go in series or parallel with a 3d printed dual gate.
So my question is:
  1. Should I stick to paralleling the motors at the ~5”hg @90cfm.
  2. Do the switcher to make it possible to do both above and “theoretically” make it ~10”hg @90cfm or less than (not entirely sure how series affects airflow I’m guessing less)
The parts I’m cutting can be quite small but I don’t mind using tabs and I often cut acrylic that has the paper backing of which I can safely keep tact which is helpful.
I had another idea to put another thin nonporous substrate on top so when I go to do production parts I can make a jig with the outline of the part inset so I can easily cut without losing vacuum (hopefully)
I’m keeping what I said above into consideration, any help is appreciated I’ve been going nauseously back and forth in my head. Just wanting to put this to bed and make the correct decision.

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