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Vacuum Table

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I was wondering if anyone had any secrets or input into being able to hold PETG or Lexan sheets to a CNC router table. I am running a KOMO MACH II router with a very good vacuum pump and have no issues at all holding MDF and other woods but I am having a real hard time holding plastics to the table. They lift off of the table with hardly any effort and move around when being machined. Any input would be appreciated.

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Are they thin sheets? What type of tooling are you using? If you are using upcut bits, try straight flute bits that won't lift.
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Got any photos of your setup? That sometimes helps with suggestions.

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Here is a link to a video that might have a solution for you, it's worth a try

You can jump to 5:45 and see what he has found to help him.
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Sheets are 1/8" thick. I have tried upcut and down cut. Upcut lift the sheets. Cutting on a MDF spoil board and never have any issues with other material but very evident when cutting PETG, Lexan and Plexiglass for some reason.
Mark try the newsprint and see if it helps, it won't cost you much to do a test.
My fabrication lab tech uses masking tape around the perimeter of thin sheets to keep the vacuum holding onto the parts being cut. This is on a Multicam CNC with vacuum bed sucking through MDF.

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I apologize if I am stating the obvious, but make sure you are covering whatever part of the vacuum table, or zone, that is not being covered by the sheet. think I heard that vacuum can wander 2-3" in the mdf spoilboard past the sheet being held...
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