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Vcarving onto a 3d model

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Sometimes it's better to leave the fine details off of the 3D model and vcarve them separately. I'm sure this is common knowledge for some but when I started modeling I didn't realize how useful the inconspicuous little (Project toolpath onto 3D model) would be.
If I had modeled this flag with the stars and text, then carved it with even a small tapered ballnose, it wouldn't have turned out very well.
Brown Wood Rectangle Font Beige
Table Wood Flooring Wood stain Floor
Wood Terrain Art Trunk Formation
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WOW, sir. that is exceptional. that is a very nice project. you pulled together a lot of things to make that happen, very impressive!
I joined this group today to learn how to use templates and take away my desire to buy a much for that nice.
That is beautiful! What is the wood?
Looks like Cherry, and yes, it looks fantastic!

My guess was birch?
Welcome to the forum @MikeJT
Thanks guys, it's just a leftover end of a 7" wide (Cherry) board I had laying around. Good guess David. 👍
Welcome MikeJT I hope we can all convince you to join the cnc bunch.
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