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Hi everyone,

I'm doing my first tests with Aspire 8.5. I'm trying to CNC (with morbidelli) a guitar fretboard (I'm attaching here a print of the .crv3d file).

I find the following problem: when I go to "save toolpath", the drill toolpath appears (in the .xxl file generated, a print also attached here) as G orders (pocket toolpaths) not as B orders (drills).

Any idea of what is or what am I doing wrong?

Thank you very much


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Welcome to the Router Forums.

The Aspire picture does show that you are using a drill for your tool for that toolpath. Without seeing the actual toolpath in the software I assume that it is actually a drilling toolpath.

I'm not sure which post processor you are using, looks like there are 3 for your machine. One is for inch output so you have to be using one of the MM post processors as the file shows.

Looks like feeds for this .xxl file is set at 1200mm/min(V). One thing that looks strange in the file is the Z negative values seem to be in the rapid moves, that would mean that the bit is in the material for that move. That might be what your CNC control software expects to see for a drilling toolpath but it does look strange. Normally it would rapid move above the first hole, then Z move at the feed rate down to the bottom of the hole toolpath depth, then rapid move up to safe Z height, rapid move to above the next hole ...... and so on.

You might try saving the file with the other MM post processor and see if it is different or the same.

You could make a small test file to see if that resembles this file then run it to see if it works correctly.

One more thing these holes are for screws and I see that you have one in the middle of the fret board, not sure why.
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