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Veritas router table

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I received a add from Lee Valley today. The router table top is unique, in that it has no insert.
Does any woodworker have one and if you do, how is it fastened to the cabinet?
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Hi Bud:
I have the Veritas steel table top & initially inlaid it into a top that is 24" x 34" of 1" thick laminated birch plywood. I did this because I found the steel top too small for my liking. I ceased using it in my table because most of the bucks for this top is in the router clamping system intended to allow you to install or remove your router quickly. I have a dedicated router in the table so was not getting much use out of the expensive clamping system. I built a horizontal router table & transferred the steel top to this system which allows me to use my handheld router & pop it in and out of the table. The steel top in a standard table is 3/16" thick which brings the collet nut close to the surface allowing bit change from the top of the table.
In summary, the Veritas table top is a quality product & would recommend it to anyone.

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