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Vertical Router Sled

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Anyone using a sled like this? I like the clear plexi but wonder about using these when doing vertical router table cuts say for lock miter joint or drawer joints? This came to mind when I received an Infinity Tools email boasting their vertical sled. Looked online and really don't see plans for building one at all. Infinity's sled is here
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I see how the MLCS sled turns the piece sideways but I don't see how it angles. I would be a little bit concerned without trying it with whether the inevitable chatter you get using a router bit would cause the plastic to vibrate, possibly setting up a resonant wave that would amplify it. It wouldn't have that problem on a table saw. The infinity one is more basic and looks more rigid. Here is the original that it's modeled after and I really don't see much improvement over it:!35051!US!-1 I have one and it will still be functional 300 years from now. You might be able to wear the guide bar out but it's easily replaceable. I've seen home made ones which you can probably find by searching tenoning jigs. The easiest ones to use ride against the fence on a TS instead of being guided by the slot which can make set up easier. The Delta one can be a PITA to get dialed in. I saw one at a woodworking show once that was pretty slick made by Dave Wooland from somewhere in Ontario up here. He invented the Accusquare fence too which I have one of and highly recommend.

If you wanted to make one that tilts it wouldn't be that hard. I'd probably use a piano hinge between the plates and add ends with radiused slots so that a carriage bolt would fit in to lock them in position.

I don't see why they wouldn't work for the joints you mentioned.
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Charles you change the angle supports for the one you need. I don't think it's a variable angle adjustment but fixed for 60/75 & 45/90 depending on which supports and the orientation used. I actually have an old Delta Tenoning Jig and never looked to see if it could work on the router table. Would also need to see how to clamp a sacrificial board as well.


Looked online and really don't see plans for building one at all.
Things like this, if I wanted one, I would maybe look at one or two, for ideas, then just make one. If I wanted different angles or whatever then likely would make different variations - simpler that way. And, if the first one didn't work, I'd just keep making them until I got one that worked.
I made a sled similar to the Infinity version some years ago out of birch plywood and it worked out quite well for me. I think buying one of these is a ridiculous waste of my money when one can be built easily and much less expensively out of plywood. It's quite easy to look at the photos and estimate the dimensions of each piece and not really need plans for it. If the MLCS version is made from plexiglass it would be dangerous to use because plexi shatters so easily with razor sharp edges. If it had to be plastic, I would go with HDPE, Nylon, or clear Lexan because they won't shatter. Birch plywood is much cheaper, even if you had to go out and buy some specifically for this project.

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I had been think about building a jig much like that one Steve but my plan was to use it to make slots in mitered corners so that I could put a spline in the joint. Maybe I'll move that project up the to do list a few spots.
This is really a shop made jig opportunity. BB ply, and precut blocks for different angles, a hold down clamp. Not much to it. Using the fence rather than a T-slot makes it much simpler to build. Just make sure the blade angle is accurate. Wixey to the rescue.
Woodsmith Vertical Routing Plans

Attached are two examples from Woodsmith that may be of interest to you. From issue 225 is a vertical router table jig, and from issue 222 is a combo router table that includes vertical router capabilities. Both of the plans have angled routing capabilities.


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Thanks, the first is the one I included the link for by Infinity. I had seen these as well searching for some plans. A bit of trial and error would result in a working sled. I just thought that some plans might show some proportional aspects.
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