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Schu4598 said:
Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the forum and very excited I found it. I have probably less than basic routing experience. I have used one a few times a few years ago in school. I am slowly learning on my own and buying used equipment to expand my basement workshop.

I have a craftsman 1/2 HP router. The problem is I set my first bit and practicied some cuts but now I am very confussed how to remove the bit? I bought the router used and the person I bought it from told me he lost the wrench used to loosen the piece thath olds the bit, I attempted ot use an adjustable wrench to get it loose, but no luck. Can anyone help out a rookie?

I'm sorry for the stupid question.

You did not mention which router but a lot of the Sears ones have a spindle lock that you engage then use a wrench to loosen the chuck..... is this the issue you are having or ???

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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