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Selling my Vintage Sears planer I bought about 4 years ago. Don't use it much, and could use the space. I did a lot of work on it. Replaced the blade spindle bearings and the blades. Took it completely apart to clean and paint. The blades could still use a little tweaking, but worked fine for what i was using it for. Planning the paint off of signs. But I just don't have the room for it. I want and think I'd use a bandsaw more. Just don't have the room for it, until this is gone.

I paid $250 for it, and put another $50. in it. But I will take $200. or best offer. Shipping is all on you, unless you live in the New Orleans, La. I could deliver!! Stand comes with it. 1st pic is when I got it. 2nd & 3rd pics is rebuilding it. And last pic is it finished, waiting to be remounted on stand. Which it is now.


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