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Vision 2448 Router, new to CNC

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Hey everyone,

I've got a small Ebay laser engraver so I've dabbled in engraving with that, but an ex coworker is letting me store and use his Vision 2448 router table that is currently equipped with an engraving head. I plan on building a bracket to attach a trim router to it for wood routing, but I'm curious if anyone has experience with this brand. its an older unit with an LPT port, so I'm worried that I will only be able to use the Vision engraving software rather than using something more open source and connecting it to a newer computer rather than the old windows 2000 computer he is currently using for making legend plates.

where would you guys start?

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I am not familiar with this brand. I would be curious to see what that LPT port on the machine connects too. If it is to a break out board that isn't proprietary to Vision, you may be in luck. While there is a migration towards using Ethernet and USB for machine connectivity to the PC, Parallel port was one of the most common ways to connect. Mach 3 and Linux CNC both utilize parallel port to control a CNC. Linux CNC is also open source and does also support Ethernet communication with MESA controllers. Mach 3 is a commercial option that also supports ethernet and USB with the smooth stepper controllers. (I personally use Linux CNC on an Ethernet connection to a MESA controller)

That said, even if it to a standard break out board, it will NOT be a plug-n-play connection. You would still need to define in the controller software what each pin is assigned to on the machine. That likely would require tracing wires around to see where they go.
I think I posted on here a bit soon, if a mod sees this feel free to delete. I started watching you tube videos from the manufacturer and just generic how to videos and I think I have a good plan of attack. that being said, I'm sure I'll be back haha
I think I posted on here a bit soon, if a mod sees this feel free to delete.
It's a good discussion so we can just leave it. Be sure to follow up with a solution, even if you didn't figure it out but have more info to share. This could help someone else down the road.
Welcome to the forum @Davinjw
Welcome to the forum @Davinjw.

I hope you find a solution, if so, let us know.....
As a followup on this, the LPT port on the machine was a breakout board that connected up to the controller. the controller was standard serial connection to the computer, but not a standard G code running on that serial.

the machine was a series 2 controller originally purchased in 1998.

If anyone else looking at this interested in a vision router table, it is good to know that the communications between Vision software and the controller is proprietary, so I will need to use their software. I still look forward to see if anything can be imported from other software, but for the time being I'm going to get the hang of their software.

I can use version 5 with the license dongle I have. upgrading the dongle to USB would cost $225, and upgrading the software to the newest version (10) would cost $650, so I'm not going to jump on that for the time being.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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