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Picture frame of the triplet grandsons (age 7)*
I used some Walnut I had laying around and added some Maple splines - used my
spline jig to cut in the corners (turned out a bit to thick (covering an error;-)

Sanding - 80, 120, 150 then 220 grit all around (I stop at 120 on the*back of frame)
prior to applying the finish I wet a*rag w/water and wipe down the wood - doing
that seems to raise the*grain a bit and then do a final 400 grit sand.

Finishing: my take on the "Sam Maloof type" finish
1/3 Boiled Linseed Oil
1/3 Wipe on Poly
1/3 paint thinner
SOP is to rag on the finish, let is sit for a few minutes, then wipe off the first coat or two
and after an hour*I wet/dry sand paper.*
Then 2 more coats get ragged on and wiped off without the sanding.

after 1 day dry time I then apply Johnson's paste wax.*

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Very nice, Randy! I have never tried that finish but have thought about it many times and you've presented a fine example on this frame, which is also well made. And yes, the grandsons are handsome, good looking young men!


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Error not, I rather like the look of those big ol fat splines. May borrow the idea for future project.

I'm interested in how your BLO finish performs over time. I did something similar on a live edge table top and got some darkening over several years. Not that it looks bad, just hard to control how much darkening will occur.

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most excellent...
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