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Want to buy 1500W 6040

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I'm looking at buying a no name 1500W 6040 (which looks like CNCEST 6040 sold in USA) and had a few questions about what exactly is in the control box and how to 'fix' it:
1. Are there separate VFD, Controller, PSU & Stepper drivers or is all integrated together?
2. What voltage / wattage is the power supply for stepper, 36V?
3. What brand is the VFD and are they reliable?

I'm very interested in this machine under the assumption the frame is reasonably solid (except maybe unsupported X axis and bed) and stepper motors, Spindle & VFD are reliable, its just the old control board and stepper drivers in which are in need of upgrading, I plan on replacing the control board with a GRBL MKS DLC32 and stepper drivers with DM542T. Are my assumptions about this machine correct? plan B would be to build a PrintNC from scratch but that's a far more time and cost intensive undertaking.

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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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