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Want to install tracks for fence on Bosch RA1171

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Another new guy here....appreciate your help- I have a Bosch RA1171 Router table- First table, it's ok but the design of moving the fence forward/back really sucks- I thought I bet I could install a track and attach the fence to it- route the table so it's level with table if need be, etc...

Any suggestions....Thank you, Barry IL
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Welcome to the forum Barry.
Hi Barry.

This guy has done that....

Hi Barry.

This guy has done that....

Exactly what I was thinking- Thanks
Should be fairly easy to do with that laminate top. BTW, welcome aboard.

In general, I like to fix one end of the fence (the left for me) securely, then move only the right side, using clamp to hold it in place. The only time you would need to have the fence parallel to the groove in front of the bit, is when using a sled of some sort.

One other thing to consider is using the two sliding pieces on the front of the fence as templated to make much taller pieces. Pretty simple to do with a couple of drills. Tall fences allow you to do end pieces vertically on the router very easily. You don't do it often but a tall fence makes such tasks much easier.
Enjoy the table it looks to be a great table to start the adventure!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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