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Wanted! pictures of your router table!

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Okay members, here is your chance to brag. My son in GA, wants to see pictures of router tables to give him some ideas for his. I told him to look at mine and he don't need to see any others, but he didn't believe me. :)
So here are 3 of mine to get us started. Lets show him what you got.


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btracey1, your router cabinet is awesome and exactly what i want to build someday soon!

bobj3, just how many jigs do you own??
Hi Kevin

" bobj3, just how many jigs do you own??"

Too many :) , I would guess over a 100 or so.. :)

HOLY $h*T, a 100 jigs? wow
pictures of each would be to much to ask but i would love to know
what each is for, even that would be a monumental task!
do they all get used very often or just a few?

i just got into woodworking and the first things i have been making are a few jigs.


anyway, not to get off the subject, here are pics of my table.
its a new Eagle America that is no longer made but i have decided to turn
around and sell it, i want a cabinet and a top with different options.

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It is very nice looking. Love the wood. You should have no problem selling it.
actually im having a very hard time selling it. maybe you guys can tell me what you think its worth? and then i will tell you what i have had on it for a price!
it really needs to be seen in person cause the pictures dont do it justice.
i have it listed on Craigslist
i first started the price at $250 and after 5 or 6 weeks it has been lowered several
times and now rests at $190
i wont go any lower then that, i think that is more then a fair price!
i just about have my table finished but im selling the jessem lift and will be
getting a kreg lift instead. someday i will build my own cabinet, it will be nice
and big with plenty of storage.


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i cant say i dont like the jessem as i havent tried it as mine is brand new. im just the
type of person that likes things to match plus blue is my favorite color. i also had a
chance to look at the kreg lift and the large wheel is pretty slick for moving the carriage.
1 - 6 of 1154 Posts
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