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Wanted! pictures of your router table!

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Okay members, here is your chance to brag. My son in GA, wants to see pictures of router tables to give him some ideas for his. I told him to look at mine and he don't need to see any others, but he didn't believe me. :)
So here are 3 of mine to get us started. Lets show him what you got.


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hello Beeg Dawg,

thats a great looking table. job well done my friend!

p.s. i wouldn't worry about the distance between the casters and support. after looking at your design and the panels between the drawers, its easy to see what you have is a torsion box product and seems to be able to withstand any downward force.

great job and keep up the good work!
1 - 1 of 1154 Posts
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