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I have been using a folding multi-purpose table for my router table for years. I ran across a set of plans in 2013 for a nice router table with storage, and was waiting for the time to make it. Well now that I am retired, I thought this is the perfect time. Then I got to pricing the materials to build it, and with the times as they are, the materials alone was going to cost $800, and that didn't include a new router. So I gave it some thought and came up with this. Craftsman tool box on rollers, Bosch router table, and a Metabo (Hitachi) router. All in was $465. All I like at this point is finishing the dust collection hook up. I think it will work fine for my needs. And it has plenty of storage. I did attach a good power strip to the back of the cabinet, so I wouldn't have to continuously fish the vacuum plug in and out of the cabinet.
If I can ask, which Bosch Router cabinet is that? 1181/1141? Looks like the 1181?

I've been contemplating the same (cost to build) but have read mixed reviews about the Bosch tables.

Nice job putting those 2 things together.
1 - 2 of 1154 Posts
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