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Wanted! pictures of your router table!

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Okay members, here is your chance to brag. My son in GA, wants to see pictures of router tables to give him some ideas for his. I told him to look at mine and he don't need to see any others, but he didn't believe me. :)
So here are 3 of mine to get us started. Lets show him what you got.


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nice job on the use of space and set up. I have a similar set up on my Delta Contractor's saw. Main variations are dust collection below the TS trunion, cabinet undere the main side table with a set of drawers for TS stuff (tape measure caliper etc) dust collection under the router with a fence pick up connection, three drawer unit facing the end of the table where the router is mounted, for router stuff, bits, wrenches etc. Mine also has a out table extention to protect the motor when I "park it againist the wall and a flip up out feed table/work table. I am also in the process of adding a side table to the left of the top, fold down to give me a bit more stability when ripping 4x8 sheets by myself.

When I designed mine, I have a few restrictions.
1. the footprint of the table from the factory (Delta contracotors saw with 32" unifence) could not grow.
2. It has to include a reasonable dust collection system since my "shop" is an attahced garage.
3. it had to have drawers for all that stuff you want at hand, but always vibrates off a shelf during a routing or table saw operation
4. it has to double as a work bench, space being an issue.
5. I had to be able to rip 4x8 plywood by myself.

My first go round of this setup was sloppy, poorly thought out and quickly put together, how bad could it have been? Wish I has listened to a friend who told me to look at other set ups, take ideas and suggestions and make my own design. But it took 2 years before I had turned enough perfectly good wood into saw dust, that I stop building anything until my saw, router table was complete.

I would be happy to post pics, but am a newbie, so have to post 10 times before I can. I will be back to you.
Thanks for posting pics of your setup.
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pics of mine in progress - feel free to offer advice

I finally broke out the camera and took a few of my ts/router table combo. Please note it is a work in progress, so I am looking for feedback of items issues and neat to have jigs tricks etc.

A quick back of my router table, the original table extention came with a plastic, yes I said plastic, router insert. I picked my saw up used, and the insert worked "okay" for my Bosch but when I upgrade to dedicated router, very heavy PC, it made the the plate sage. So I went in search of a router plate, the opening was 12 1/2 by 10 1/2. No such size on the market without cutting my own.

So I went to Craiglistr found a used Rockler with plate (needed drilling for my router) and pick up a heavy duty fence since the one that came with the table was homemade and attached to the back of my ts fence. The original config had so much slop in the fence, plate opening and the flex of the plate frustrated me to the point, what ever I need to do, I did on the ts.

I rebuilt the homemade fence (stained it for practice and fun), added the new router table to the side table, added the dust bucket, causing me to have alter the cabinet my set up rides around on, a whole nother story.

While I was into rebuilding I remade the extention out feed and folding out since the former version was done in a day, made from an old desk top (Ikea quality) and showed it was poorly planned and excuted.

before I tell you what I think of the router table set up (yes I have issues with it) I would like to hear any feedback from those of you who have used a router more than I. Remember I have stayed away from my router and table because of the slop in all the components until last Saturday. A Buddy of mine took it for a test drive using the homemade fence. No slop, but some concerns about the table.


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like the set up

BEE DAWG, own the same saw and would like to see the back of your cabinet/table. Do you have some type of duct collection for the table saw set up on this. My saw (used) came with an attached cabinet, which I have since modified, but and not really liking the set up too much, so I was very impressed by yours. Might start over and just scrap out the exisitng. Can post a couple more pics from different angles?

Nice job!

Well, this thread has gone on long enough I get to post pics of my table.....
Delta Contractors saw with Rockler router table. Soft close drawers, drawer pulls hogged out of a piece of clear piece of Doug fir.

Maple plywood, Oak trim. I've already decided to make doors for the Router end open storage. Dust collection works OK, although my guess is about 25% of the saw dust falls into the bin below the saw rather than getting sucked out of the dust port.

Center large door is an access port to clean out below the saw. Held in place by door magnets.
Bee Dawg, Love the table, much better than mine. I am going to shamelessly "borrow" some of the design elements, okay almost all of them. The dust collection looks pretty slick for a contractors saw, the only addition I am going to mke is add some Lexan panels in the back that drop the dust into the chute rather than out the back. Still thinking of best way to attach them without creating a nightmare when I true up the saw. I will post pictures when I am done, so you can see how you inspired me to make something more useful and better looking.

Thanks again for the pictures and walk through, it turned out great!
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