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Wanted! pictures of your router table!

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Okay members, here is your chance to brag. My son in GA, wants to see pictures of router tables to give him some ideas for his. I told him to look at mine and he don't need to see any others, but he didn't believe me. :)
So here are 3 of mine to get us started. Lets show him what you got.


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attached is my incomplete version of my router table. Incomplete you may ask? well, i'm presently working on some drawers that i will mount under the router. this should give my humble table saw heft to keep it loaded down and also give me some more storage options for stuff.

the fence is just 3/4 pine that i had laying around and the top is only 3/4 birch

i'm relatively new to wood working but i figured anytime that i can be handsfree while operating a tool and have my full focus on the material being cut, is probably if only marginally safer than doing it by hand.

i also included a picture of my shop as my fiancee calls it, my house of horrors.

p.s. its my first post.


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