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Waste no want not!

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Back in the hungry thirties when I was a kid, the title of this thread was the watchword. The habit persists right up to today.
So, three days before Christmas when our 35 year old fridge conked out, we had a mad scramble to get the frozen stuff into the freezer, out to the cold garage etc.
Then we had to buy a new fridge...had to wait 5 days for it.
In cleaning the old one out, I noticed that the shelves, drawers etc were mounted on three tracks. That's where the old habit kicked in! I took it all out, down to my workshop and mounted it all on a space on the wall near my router table. It's the greatest rig for storing all my router bits and pieces.
I have attached a picture.
Mo Adams.


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Hay,, Thats great ,And I think that is using you head, I'm the same way I try to use every thing I can, only after I find I can't use it for anything does it go in the trash,
Nice work, Learning Herb
Boy that was an excellent idea that should keep everthing organized and crisp some good thinking there.
Neat idea Mo.
Darn! and I traded my old fridge to the young fellows down the street for some steel.

On the upside they are going to use it for a garage keg cooler and I'm invited for a beer on tap anytime. :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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