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I was asked by my wife to make a cake topper for a friend's wedding. They are the operators of a Greyhound adoption group, and the dogs are a big part of their lives.
She had found something along the lines of what she had wanted, but it only had 2 dogs, she needed 3. I am not an artist, but I do have Vectric software for the CNC that I was able to use to copy an image and trace the outline. I was also able to trace several different versions of a 3rd dog, and play around with the placement of them to make a topper everyone agreed on.
I was originally intending on just veining cuts for the 3rd dog, but that left the Groom on very wobbly legs.... so I decided on an overlay. The finished piece will be in a metal leaf, if I don't snap the delicate tails off.
Using the software was a great way to draw and share the designs, and go back and forth quickly with every recommendation or comment

White Line art Artwork Drawing Illustration
Sign Signage Symbol Silhouette
Signage Sign Shadow Gesture Silhouette
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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