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Weird picture frames

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These "frames" were built with interlocking dados to display the laser engraved family tree. Each of our twin sons and families are represented.
Thanks for looking. Comments welcome.
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Those are really cool! What type of wood is that for the frames?
Thanks, Chad. The wood is walnut cut offs. The plaque is BB.
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Nicely done Gene.....

sometimes less is more!!
I think they will look great no matter where they are displayed.....
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Thanks, Bill.
Very nice Gene.
Gene great idea and a good use for those long thin cutoff we end up with.

I really like the look of these, great project!
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Thank you for the kind words, Ross, Mike and, Jon.
What size are the signs gene? I know you don't own a tape measure, but how many fingers wide and tall?
Nice way to display
Yer gettin' modern Gene. Keep it up!!
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