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Well I went for the plunge

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Well I finally done it bought my very first plunge router today. I bought myself a Black and Decker 2hp plunge router. I figured it was 30.00 cheaper then buying the plunge base for my pc. It only came with a 1/4 collect though but for as much as I'll use it now I can use it to make signs with my craftsmen letter template set. The only question that I have is where do I get a bushing set for it. Does Bob and Rick have it on there site if they do could you help me out with the model number of it. Thanks :sold: :confused:
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Glenmore, Does your router accept guide bushings? What model number do you have?
Mike I did find them I went to the black and decker site. I found them on the only thing is there are made of plastic. So I decided to get a set when I go to grizzly on Thursday and pick up a set for my 690 pc. They have a 10 piece set for less then 30.00 and they are made of brass.
Well went to the black and decker and found out the set of guide bushings from grizzly should work in my new router. What luck.
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