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Well it has been fun.....

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Well it has been fun but I have more commitments then time so I find I must end my postings.

You have all done great trying to figure out what all these tools have been, and I hope a few of you have added a few of them to your shopping list. I also hope it has been a good education for you even if you might never own this or that tool.

PLEASE feel free to continue on with this "What is it?" in fact I encourage you to do so. Mark has been very good at providing funding by way of points and I've enjoyed giving back some of my points as well. Hey I might pop back in once in a while and see if I can answer one of your “What is it?”’s.

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Hey ED, hate to see you go. :'( It has been fun and educational. Thanks for all the points you gave away. :D Drop back in soon.

the "Doctor"

I hate to have read this. You will be understandingly missed my friend.
Yes, you personally will be missed Ed, and the forum as a whole will have a void to fill. Life goes on however, and I take this opportunity to give you my best luck in the endeavors that take you away.

It's been educational.
Ed, you're leaving?!!!!!!!! Wow, that sucks, well goodbye ed. Hopefully you'll drop in sometime.
Ed, Best wishes for all your pursuits. Hope to hear from you again.
ED: best of luck and hope to read more of your imformative posts.
So long Ed hope to hear from you from time to time. Thanks for the teachings on these tools. Don't stay away to long. :confused:
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