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Hi James, Got the S3018($200.00 A) a few weeks ago to fool around with came with candle, I haven,t used candle as i tried out Easel and played around with the trial version for free.
I busted a small screw box, one of the cheap plastic type so thought i would have a crack at making one so i could use the draws again.
This is what the front turned out like using easel after the trial period ran out and they closed off a few of the things the program can do. I used 4mm perspex ,not perfect but it will do the job.
It has 300x,180y,z40 mm so i had to move the job back on the table to be able to finish routing the whole of the pattern. If I was to replace this machine I would definitely go for a larger table and a
more powerful motor.
Rectangle Grey Wood Gas Composite material
Rectangle Grey Wood Gas Composite material
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1 - 1 of 21 Posts