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Good point, @malb
I will mention this to the committee...
Time is related to what your doing. If your just cutting templates or jigs or projects like what you would use a table saw for this doesn't take much time. However if you are into 3d modeling and are going to use a 1/16" ball nose bit to cut a 20 x20 sign that could be days. For shop use it makes table saw inserts, bandsaw inserts all kinds of shop enhancements.

I make signs, plaques, candle lanterns, canteens, puzzle boxes, a hundred box joint boxes of every size one can imagine. My table size is 25" by 25" by 7" deep. My youtube channel has lots of projects on it that are made with the CNC.

(8) MarkJonesRanger - YouTube
21 - 21 of 21 Posts