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What a weekend

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Having a really good weekend and it's only half over :rolleyes:

Finally got started building my router center and have the cabinet carcass completely cut out and all the dados cut and have dry fitted the entire thing. Got it right the first time too :) Will do the glue up after church tomorrow and get started with cutting the oak face trim and bit drawers as well as the bottom cabinet doors. This thing has sure turned into a fun learning project and I am taking pride in my workmanship as I go. Pictures to follow after I get a little further along.

If that was not enough for one day, I happend onto ebay and just won a bid on a brand new in the box PC 7310 trim router for $77.99 plus $8.00 shipping. That is a savings of over $20 on the best price I found anywhere.

I became very confused over which trim router to add to my shop so I checked in with Pat Warner by email and he gave me the push I needed to make a final decision on this particular model. I am sure I will be happy with it and it appears that our own Ed has been satisfied with his as well. I have already located a tilt base for it at a steel and plan on purchasing Pat Warner's sub base set for additional versatality. :sold:

I can hardly wait to see what tomorrow brings after a day as good as today has been :p
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We'll be looking forward to your pic's Bob. There's definitely something to be said for a router table that is custom made for you. Especially if it's by you. Good luck with the final assembly.
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