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what clamps are most usefull

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hi all bought a router, read some books on subject but find there are a plethora of ways of clamping workpiece to bench, router table etc i only have a couple of 6" g clamps whats the most versitile type of clamp i can purchase in the uk c clamps or the sliding varity??

thank you
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I like the sliding type clamps, but C-clamps are good too. One can never have too many clamps. I've got them in all sizes, lengths, types. You need long ones for gluing up boards together, small ones are good for clamping the router workpiece or the fence to the bench. Buy as many as you can afford, but look for good quality, they hold better.
A various assortment of clamps is great in a lot of different sizes. Clamps that have protective pads at the end are great for clamping without marring the wood.
A lot depends on the type of work you plan on doing.
Although they wont do everything, I find that 6" Quick Grip clamps are what I use the most. The next most common clamp I use would be a 12" bar clamp.
I also am a fan of the Quick grip style, but lately have been using 6" bar (F style) clamps at the router table. They're cheap, and work well.
I also like the 12" bar clamps with the quick releases as long as they have the all hard plastic shoes did it once with a regular c clamp marred the finish even with a piece of cork protecting it went right through.
The clamp I like best and use most often has to be the 12" clamps that I got from Garrett Wade (page 57 item 37f01.30 QTY 10 on sale for $59.95 US). I have even thought about getting another set.......

They have one issue (at least my vintage) the end of the shaft needs to have a rubber band wrapped around so the moving head doesn't fall off..... They are German-made, light and I would say everyone should own at least one set.

Sorry about the advertisement but I really really like these clamps.

hi all thanks for info there was a clamp in one of the router books that was like a c clamp but had a pointed pin horizontaly set into it so that the clamp would hold say a plank but cannot recall what the name or type of clamp was called.

thank you
Matey if you do want to use C- clamps in the jigs and fixture there is a topic to make handles for them thought I'd pass it along to you.
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