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3mm away from the edge , my just break off , I have added some slots for plastic to hold up as a roof to a conservatory cupboard into 18mm MDF, with 6mm away from edge , - I used a single flute 3.2mm 1/2" router bit which happened to be in the kit of trend bits I have, with a Dewalt625 router. And that edge was very flimsy, fortunately its at the top so not really doing anything - in fact i was thinking of just creating a ledge with a plane , but this stops any accidental pushing up
Will the 3mm not break off ?

maybe if its a 550mm radius you could use a circle jig and clamp a bit of wood for the pivot and then run the router around that way.

I just recently purchased a Trend CRB 7 Jig to do circles and other things - only received last weekend , so not used yet, but youtube videos looked promising

I purchased the Trend Version via FFX on special offer in UK £60 Next day Delivery

Then with that jig, put the wood on a bench clamped and then a bit of waste withing the radius , so you can pivot around the internal radius.

I'll perhaps draw the idea up - so you can see a picture

This is what i was thinking , together using a CRB7 Jig, or make a circle jig from scrape waste

there are other jigs for just circles , but i choose this because of the versatility & size of my router makes for easier trim work. Plus i will be doing some mortise/tenon joins later on a project. I also have an 8'x4' MDF table top for the garden over 2 tables , i need to make finish some poor jigsaw cut radius ends on.
so made the outlay worth it for multiple jobs.



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