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I don't know much about CNC machines but I would guess they put out a lot of chips and dust (mostly dust).

Does the manufacturer give any recommendations concerning the requirements for a dust collector?

I'd say that I would definitely go with something that has a HEPA filter or a lot of the finest dust will end up back in your shop. Only HEPA filters will trap the finest dust, which is the stuff you want to eliminate most. It is the most harmful to you.

I wonder if a vac would move enough air to grab the volume of chips and dust produced? You might want to investigate what is necessary to pull the high volume of waste which comes from a CNC away and safely inside your collector.

Just a couple of thoughts. Generally I have bought dust collection equipment that I felt would handle more than I need it to do. The HEPA filters aren't cheap but will keep your shop essentially free of a layer of dust. Also, a collector which can't move enough air will leave a lot of the chips/dust at the source and possibly clog up easily. Again, I am not a user of CNC machines so don't know the specific requirements, but have learned about dust collection over a long history of woodworking.
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